White God


Two stars

Asshole Dad slicing up steer haunches and dogs take Budapest.  The picture aches.  There’s a lot of cool rampaging mutts footage and a lot of boring music recital stuff.  A dog is a wolf is a man.  I remember renting Frankenweenie (the live action one) in ’87, Tambo was fresh in the ground and my heart was bleeding.  Now here I am, dirty 30, passing rescue Obi off to a more stable home.  Seems I’m always picking inopportune times to watch weird dog movies.

D & W by: Kornél Mundruczó, More W by: Viktória Petrányi & Kata Wéber, P by: Marcell Rév, E by: Dávid Janscó, M by: Asher Goldschmidt w/Zsófia Psotta, Luke, Body, Sándor Zsótér, Lili Horváth, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Lili Monori, Gergely Bánki, etc… 121 min, Hungary, 2014

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