Bye Bye Monkey

Researching rat movies I discover this Gérard Depardieu one.

An Italian picture.

Depardieu works as a handyman for a women’s theatre troupe.

One day he discovers the corpse of King Kong shimmering beneath the surface of the Hudson. He adopts Kong’s orphaned son, a little chimpanzee.

By the way, the apocalypse is on.

Rats outnumber men 10:1.

Later the rats eat the chimpanzee child and Depardieu burns alive inside a wax museum.

I think it’s a “men’s rights” movie and has some wrong things to say about rape and feminism. I’m sure it’s terrible and have no desire to subject myself to it but I’m happy to learn it exists.

I like the swirl of symbols -river, Kong, apocalypse- and not only what they say about us, not only what this sexist-old-dude maybe thinks they say about us, but what they could say.

How is it to raise a child in Rat City? The son of a bestial, dead Hollywood.

How is it to stand by the banks of the slurping water in the chill of October, and look down at all that’s submerged?

D & W by: Marco Ferreri, w/Gérard Depardieu, Geraldine Fotzgerald, Abigail Clayton, James Coco, Marcello Mastroianni, etc… 113 mins, Italy, 1978


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