Extraordinary Critters and How They Might Best Be Located


Two stars

Super dark Who Framed Roger Rabbit cgi.  Weird child molestation undercurrents.  Colin Farrell meet-ups in seedy alleyways with abused boys.  Cute echindas & naked mole rats.  Lotsa wizards shouting, “Evaporota!”  Hollywood A-listers transform into other A-listers.


The Neon Demon


Four stars

The hungry city, puking eyeballs.  Sweet, secret-witch artsploitation.  Baroque, stylish and the best kind of dumb.  Sad and vicious.  The neon demon lives in electrical currants coursing through toys for young girls.  The neon demon hangs out by the sea, walks around the salt flats, writes letters home.  Here’s the neon demon, his mouth on her mouth, her mouth on hers.