Thankskilling 3


0 stars

Colorful, garish, lot’s of cool puppets but beyond dumb.  A couple sketch comedy dudes try to salvage it and it’s visually pretty creative but the script is such a stinker.  Lot’s of gags about how bad the gags are, unsettling comfort with fillicide and uxoricide.  I could write better dick and fart jokes on no sleep.  This wannabe Meet the Feebles turkey (if I was Thankskilling 3 I’d say, “see what I did there?”)  The peice de resistance is an Evil Dead 2  parody.  The turkey muppet loses his phallus and replaces it with a chainsaw, he looks at the camera and says, “gravy”.  It’s a texturally arresting little piece of hate.  Honestly I don’t recall the 1st Thankskilling being much better though.

Extraordinary Critters and How They Might Best Be Located


Two stars

Super dark Who Framed Roger Rabbit cgi.  Weird child molestation undercurrents.  Colin Farrell meet-ups in seedy alleyways with abused boys.  Cute echindas & naked mole rats.  Lotsa wizards shouting, “Evaporota!”  Hollywood A-listers transform into other A-listers.