Two stars

Sometimes the loneliness catches up, the void inside.  Your own stupid voice.  You lie down in your fat and blood and wait for the call.  American brand names enter and exit your windshield.  The old lady up the block calls for Cancer.  There are other, funnier Solondz pictures.

D & W by: Todd Solondz, P by: Edward Lachman, E by: Kevin Messman, M by: James Lavino, w/Greta Gerwig, Ellen Burstyn, Danny DeVito, Julie Delpy, Zosia Mamet, Tracy Letts, Kieran Culkin, etc…88 min, USA, 2016


White God


Two stars

Asshole Dad slicing up steer haunches and dogs take Budapest.  The picture aches.  There’s a lot of cool rampaging mutts footage and a lot of boring music recital stuff.  A dog is a wolf is a man.  I remember renting Frankenweenie (the live action one) in ’87, Tambo was fresh in the ground and my heart was bleeding.  Now here I am, dirty 30, passing rescue Obi off to a more stable home.  Seems I’m always picking inopportune times to watch weird dog movies.

D & W by: Kornél Mundruczó, More W by: Viktória Petrányi & Kata Wéber, P by: Marcell Rév, E by: Dávid Janscó, M by: Asher Goldschmidt w/Zsófia Psotta, Luke, Body, Sándor Zsótér, Lili Horváth, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Lili Monori, Gergely Bánki, etc… 121 min, Hungary, 2014